Raffle For A Ride

Today the whole school did raffle for a ride. There Were lots of different cars and trucks, there was even a helicopter. Here are some of the rides, A Lamborghini, a fire truck, a police car, 4 stock cars, Dugs special ride (in a wheelbarrow.)

I had a look at all of the cars. I think that there is lots of interesting things about each car. The Lamborghini has a door that opens up like a car boot instead of side ways. The stock cars had really loud engines. Doug Had a portable wheelbarrow seat. The fire engine had a loud siren and the police car was really cool because it had a radio in it. Here is a photo of Doug’s special ride.

All Blacks Undefeated

On the 23/10/2011 the All blacks won the rugby world cup in Eden park New Zealand. New Zealand Won the rugby world cup. the first try was by Tony Woodcock in a line out by the French try line. Then Piri Wepu missed the conversion. Then the French scored and they got there conversion over. It was so tense but Stephen Donald came on for Piri Wepu and got a penalty kick over. Then we came away with a 8-7 win over France. Here are the team members of the All Blacks.

Adam Thomson                                                                                     Aron Cruden

Andrew Hore                                                                                           Colin Slade

Ben Franks                                                                                                Cory Jane

Corey Flynn                                                                                                Hosea Gear

John Afoa                                                                                                   Israel Daqq

Kieran Read                                                                                                Ma’a Nonu

Richie McCaw (C)                                                                                      Piri Weepu

Tony Woodcock                                                                        Sonny Bill Williams

Ali Williams                                                                                Zachary Guildford

Anthony Boric                                                                                  Andrew Ellis

Brad Thorn                                                                                     Conrad Smith

Jerome Kaino                                                                                   Dan Carter

Keven Mealamu                                                                             Isaia Toeava

Owen Franks                                                                                  Jimmy Cowan

Samuel Whitelock                                                                      Malili Muliaina

Victor Vito                                                                                      Richard Kahui

Graham Henry                                                                                 Stephen Donald

Order Of Operations

I have been learning the order of operations. here is how you do them. (order of operations) If you are doing a question like 6+7×8-9×4=?. you do it from left to right and you do x (-)= divide first but ( ) go first. Then put the rest in and add it all up. Here are 3 questions (6+4)- 7×8+9-7=      7×8=9-(9×9)+15=                25=6-(5×6)+45-20-7=


World Flags

Mexico Flag consists of three vertical stripes, and the Mexico flag colors comprise of green, white and red color. Mexican flag history quotes that the present Mexico National Flag was officially adopted on 16 September, in 1968. In the middle of the National Flag of Mexico, on the white band there is the National Coat of Arms, that features  Mexico eagle   holding a snake in its beak and perching on a cactus that has risen from a rock above a lake. The Coat of Arms in the Mexico flag is associated with the legend of Mexico ‘s origin. Mexico flag information states that the  Mexico flag.


The panama flag has 3 different parts to it on there are 2 stars, 2 squares that are red and blue the match the squares. The white part of the national flag of Panama stands for peace and the blue star on it signifies purity and honesty and the red star represents law and power. The red and blue star also stands for Liberal party and Conservative party, the two political parties of Panama.


The hoisting half of the flag is green. The flying part of the Algerian flag is white in color.In the middle of the Algerian national flag, on the boundary of these two colors, there is a red five point star set in the middle of a red crescent. The colors of the flag hold much significance. The green color denotes hope and joy while the white denotes peace and honesty.



The Jamaica national flag comprises of the colors green, black, and gold. Significance of the flag of Jamaica lie in Jamaica Flag Colors, so that green is symbolic of hope, agricultural richness, and vegetation. All these Pan-African colors that are used in the national flag of Jamaica, pay honor to Jamaica’s noteworthy African heritage. Jamaica flag history tells that the flag of Jamaica came into existence on August 6, 1962, the original Independence Day of Jamaica.